Spring Cleaning Tips + Printable Checklist!

As soon as you get your first hints of warmer weather, and fresh air makes its way back into your home, you’re likely to get the urge to do some spring cleaning. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when faced with the prospect of deep cleaning your home from top to bottom, so here are some tips to help you break up the work and stay on task.

Have a Plan

Take a look around your home to identify what areas need the most help. Are there rooms that get more use and abuse? Are there areas that you tend to skip during your routine cleaning? Prioritize and break up the work into manageable “phases” so that you can efficiently work through them in order. If you’re the “list making type”, a check list can keep you on track. We’ve also included a printable one here if you don’t know where to start, compliments of our friends at Taste of Home.

Start With De-cluttering

Cleaning will be much easier without a bunch of stuff in your way, so start by making a trip to your local thrift store to donate unwanted items. We all have clothes we don’t wear, a small kitchen appliance that we never use, or stacks of old papers that can be shredded. Getting rid of things you no longer want or need will make your task easier, and in the case of donated items, they can get a “second life” with someone who will use them. If you have items of greater value that you no longer use (impulse bought a treadmill at the start of the year?) then throw them on a local buy/sell site and put some money back in your pocket while clearing some space in your home.

Work Smarter

When it comes to spring cleaning you’re already working hard, so don’t make it even harder that it needs to be. Tackle each room from top to bottom so that you don’t have to go back over your rugs with the vacuum because you knocked dust off of the ceiling fan onto your freshly cleaned floor. Cleaning from top to bottom and back to front will ensure that you don’t have to go over the same areas again. If you have access to one, make sure you’re using a HEPA vacuum too. A good HEPA vacuum will not only eliminate dust, it will trap particulates that you can’t even see.

Clean Your Air Too

Spring is a great time to change furnace filters and schedule any needed maintenance for your HVAC system. If you have an air purifier or humidifier unit on your furnace, don’t forget that those need regular maintenance to perform optimally too. If you’re replacing your HVAC filter, make sure you opt for a high quality one with a high MERV rating. These filters will catch smaller particles in addition to dust and dirt. Keeping your home’s air clean is a great way to keep yourself healthier and cut down on allergens that are on the rise in Spring months.