Shop Local! How to Support Small Businesses Impacted by COVID-19 Restrictions

Everyone has been impacted in some way by Coronavirus and the restrictions it’s placed on our every day lives. While many of us are fortunate enough to be able to adapt and work from home, many small business owners in our communities are not so fortunate. This type of shut down could break many small businesses, and they need your help to get through our safer at home order. If you are able to, please consider supporting them. Want to know how? Here are some resources and ideas.

Buy A Gift Card!

Some businesses are still allowed to conduct business in a modified capacity (like restaurants still being allowed to offer carry-out) but others are forced to close their doors completely during the state shut down. If you’d like to support these businesses, see if they offer gift cards that you can buy now and redeem for future products or services. Some businesses have also shifted to online sales, so check into your favorite local businesses to see what options they are offering their customers.

Order Carry Out!

Many restaurants have switched to carry out and delivery options for their menus. These businesses have been hit particularly hard by the shut down and could really use your support. If you can, order a few meals from local restaurants and remember to tip well! If you’d like an up to date list of local restaurants offering carry out and/or delivery, there is a list that’s being maintained during the shut down HERE.

Don’t Forget Farmers Markets!

This time of year is typically when area Farmers Markets start up, but due to the shut down many have had to find alternative ways to help their farmers get their products to consumers. The Dane county Farmers Market is experimenting with a “drive-through” style market, offering pick up of local products. More info can be found on their site HERE. Additional local growers are offering their own CSA and delivery options, with a comprehensive list in this article from

Remember that we will all get through this together. Local businesses do so much to support and give back to their communities. Let’s remember to show them the same during this challenging time.