Home Updates That Will Stand the Test of Time

Any major home improvement project requires planning and thought. Design, budget, timeframe for completion, and opting for “DIY” or choosing a contractor are common considerations. Something you might not consider (but should) is the update’s “universal appeal” down the road. At some point, you will likely sell your home and move to a new one. Potential buyers of your current home might not share your enthusiasm for uniquely colored walls, or a bold and trendy kitchen design. If you can’t get a good return on the investment into your home, it might not be a wise choice. Read on to learn about designs that will be appealing to a broad population for years to come.

White Kitchens

White has universal appeal and goes well with a variety of interior design trends, from modern to traditional. It can also be adapted and updated easily with some simple changes, instead of having overhaul the entire kitchen.

A white kitchen allows other elements to shine through. Cabinet hardware, fixtures, and appliances will stand out. Countertops can be neutral or bold for a statement, and other “pops of color” will be more prominent. This suits a wide range of tastes and the design possibilities are endless.

White also blends with any number of flooring choices, unlike other wood tones or colored cabinetry.

Older cabinets can easily be refinished in white for an economic alternative to full replacement, making the white kitchen an easy update for any budget. Since it goes with most other finishes, it’s great place to start if you won’t be updating your floors or counter tops right away. You won’t have to live with a “mis-matched” kitchen while you work through your updates.

Durable and Low Maintenance Finishes

There are now a number of low maintenance materials for flooring, siding, decking, windows, wall paint, and more. With homeowners staying in their homes for an average of 10 years (up from the previous 5-7 year average), choosing materials that will last is important. Our lives are also busier than ever, so choosing low maintenance materials and finishes is equally important. Consider black stainless appliances (which resist smudges and fingerprints) or stain and scuff resistant wall paint in high traffic areas. Luxury vinyl plank flooring has the look of wood, with none of the maintenance. There are also composite deck materials available that will rest fading and cracking, that won’t have to be resealed or stained.

Smart Technology

This is a home trend that continues to grow in popularity. Smart appliances, thermostats, outlets, doorbells, and more are adding security and money saving benefits to our homes. There are simple additions that you can do yourself, like installing a camera doorbell or security system. If you want to go the extra mile, you can have your entire house wired for a smart home system that will manage everything from remote control of lights and appliances, to ordering groceries and Amazon items for you. Even simple items like smart power strips can save your hundreds of dollars each year on energy bills.

Outdoor Living Space

A well designed outdoor living or entertaining area will always have broad appeal. Consider elements to create privacy for a quiet place to relax on a nice day, or built-in elements that allow for extra seating while entertaining. Fire pits are popular to extend the seasonal use of your outdoor space, and an outdoor kitchen or grilling area is a great addition if you like to entertain.

Remember to consider low maintenance and long lasting materials like composite decking and durable stone for patios. Materials that can easily be power washed and will withstand the elements and fluctuating temperatures are a must-have in our climate.

Think twice about permanent water features like pools, hot tubs, or even landscape elements like waterfalls and ponds. Those items come with up-keep and maintenance, and some have additional liability considerations, like in-ground pools that often have to be enclosed with a fence to prevent accidents with small children.

When it comes to getting the most out of what your invest in your home, consider the long term investment you are making. Not all design trends are meant to last. If you want to be adventurous with your home’s design, opt for non-permanent options like furniture, rugs, or art accents. Stick to neutral and time-tested options for major upgrades to make sure you get a return on your investment when it’s time to sell.